When you are supporting a child, the things YOU do and say have a BIG impact.

It is therefore extremely important that you have a good understanding about how to meet different needs such as communication, sensory regulation, social interaction and emotional regulation.
This will put you in a good position to provide effective support that is really going to make a positive impact and enhance learning.

There are also lots of things we can do that don’t just help autistic young people, but help ALL children and young people.

The Online Courses

Understanding Autism and Learning

This course will give you practical skills and strategies in how to adapt yourself, the environment and methods of support that can really help autistic individuals.
After the course you will be equipped to understand the needs of autistic individuals and how you can help and support.

Essential Inclusive Practice

Having a ‘tool box’ of effective inclusive strategies, will help you support the different learning needs of children and young people.
This course focuses on evidence-based, inclusive practice that will not just support autistic children, but ALL learners.
After the course you will feel confident in implementing different inclusive strategies, to immediately put in place and support different learning needs.

Teachers as Leaders

The value that a class team brings to teaching and learning, will be extremely influenced by the ways in which a Teacher deploys Teaching and Support Assistants.
I know myself, when I first started my teaching career, the most challenging part of the job was leading a team.
After this course, you will have practical ideas to implement into your own leadership style, in order to support the practice, preparedness and deployment of Teaching Assistants.

Help Me Communicate

There are lots of things we can do to help children, whose communication may be developing differently to their peers.
In this course, we will explore early communication development and effective, evidence-based ways in which we can help children express their needs and wants, develop functional communication and increase vocabulary.
After the course you will have a range of strategies and skills to help develop children’s communication and be ready to implement these straight away to help the children!

Help Me Regulate My Emotions

In this course, we will explore emotional regulation and how to support children to identify and respond to their emotions in a way that helps them, rather than resulting in challenging behaviour.
When we see behaviour that challenges, a child is communicating something.
All behaviour has a purpose.
After the course, you will have a good understanding of how to support emotional regulation development and strategies to understand, assess and support behaviour.

Help Support My Sensory Processing

In this course, we will explore how people experience their senses differently and the impact this has on daily life and learning.
We will explore how we can support children by adapting our environment and implementing sensory supports throughout the day.
After the course you will have a good understanding of different sensory needs and practical ways in which you can support an individual’s sensory regulation.

Help Me Build Relationships

To help children form and sustain relationships, we can support their development in the areas of play and social interaction.
During this course we will break down the learning of turn taking, play and social skills, to support children to form meaningful relationships.
We will also explore the importance of understanding social masking, what to look out for and how to help.
After the course you will have practical skills and strategies to support children to learn social and interaction skills, that you can implement straight away!

Help Me Understand Transitions

In this course we will explore autistic thinking and why transitions can be particularly challenging for some children and young people.
We will look at different ways we can support, to prepare for change, whether it is a transition to another room, or a big transition such as changing schools.
After the course you will have a range of evidence-based strategies and tools to support children and young people to understand transitions, help them cope and be fully prepared. This is so important to help children feel calm, confident and less anxious.

Outstanding Autism Practitioners - 8 Courses in 1

You can enrol in all of the 8 courses above today, and save a lovely £160!

Research shows us that people who are well trained, have a big impact on the learning of children with additional needs.

Learn practical skills and knowledge in meeting the holistic needs of children and young people with diverse abilities. The courses have lots of resources and ideas to put in place immediately, to make a positive impact on children’s progress and development.

How do the Online Courses Work?

The courses can be completed at any time convenient to you with bitesize videos, downloadable resources, interactive chat and reflection tasks.

In total each course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. You will receive email support from myself, Steph Reed, as and when required.

There are special offers for schools and services who want to train multiple people, please email your enquires and questions to steph@autismspectrumteacher.com

Who are the Online Courses For?

The online courses are for anyone supporting or interacting with autistic or neurodiverse children and young people.

These courses will help build your knowledge as well as your practical skills.

You may be a parent, carer, teacher, SENCo, Head Teacher, play worker, service provider, charity worker, support assistant or perhaps a family friend.

Any further questions?

For any further information about the online courses, please fill out the form below and Steph will get back to you as soon as possible.