Are you a teacher, SENCo, support assistant, children's professional, parent or carer who wants to further your knowledge and skills in supporting autistic children and enhancing their learning?

Perhaps you want to learn how to meet the holistic and unique needs of a children with social, communication and sensory processing challenges?

The things you do, have a big impact on children's learning, progress and development.

It is therefore extremely important that you have a wide range of practical strategies, resources and knowledge to draw upon, to effectively meet different needs. This includes in the key areas of communication, sensory processing, social interaction, behaviour and emotional regulation.
Having these strategies to hand will put you in a confident position to provide effective support, that is really going to make a positive impact on children and young people.

These online courses will build your practical knowledge and skills in supporting diverse abilities and needs.

What Our Course Participants Have To Say...

"Wow, thank you for sharing all your brilliant knowledge Steph, I have thoroughly enjoyed all eight courses. Full of insightful information, brilliant resources/recommended reading lists and delivered all so professionally, with charm. You have truly empowered me and I cant wait to get back to work in September and recommend all eight to my colleagues. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my class are going to be truly benefitting."
Rachael Longworth
"Fantastic for staff working with children with SEN. I am on the full 8-in-1 courses and after just completing the first course 'Understanding Autism and Learning' I have already recommended it to my school as CPD for all new staff as it gives a very broad and balanced overview of the knowledge needed to support autistic learners."
Heather White

Online Courses and Course Bundles

Learn how to help autistic children reach their potential

Gain skills in the areas of developing: communication, emotional regulation, behaviour, social interaction, sensory processing, supporting transitions, inclusive practice and leading a successful team around the child.

Develop your knowledge about autism and how you can help and support

Learn how to identify the personalised needs of autistic individuals. Gain practical strategies and helpful skills in supporting communication, sensory processing and thinking.

Practical strategies to enhance the learning of children with diverse needs

Gain a ‘toolbox’ of effective, evidence-based strategies, designed to meet the diverse learning needs of children. These inclusive strategies that will support all children.

How to be an effective class leader and maximise the impact of Teaching Assistants

Learn inspiring ways to deploy support assistants and enhance the practice of the team around a child. You will learn strategies to build a stable support network around you and enhance the value which a class team brings to the children, teaching and learning.

How to enable autistic children to communicate, develop functional communication and increase vocabulary

Explore early communication development and effective, evidence-based methods that can help children express their needs and wants. You will learn hands-on ways to develop a child’s attention, functional communication and vocabulary.

How to support a child's behaviour and teach them strategies to regulate their emotions

Learn how to identify why a child is behaving in a certain way and simple strategies to help them regulate their emotions. This includes how to teach children to identify and respond to their emotions in a way that is helpful to them (rather than escalating to challenging behaviour).

How to identify and support the different sensory needs of children

Gain a greater understanding of different sensory needs and the 8 sensory systems. Get equipped with practical ways in which you can support sensory regulation and have the confidence to implement sensory regulation strategies immediately.

How to support the development of attention, social interaction and play skills, to help children form relationships

Gain a broad understanding of how to nurture early play and interaction skills, including an array of practical strategies and resources to support the learning of social awareness.

How to effectively prepare autistic children for upcoming transitions and change

Get an insight into autistic thinking and why transitions can be particularly challenging. Learn a range of evidence-based strategies to support transitions and help children be fully prepared for the changes that may occur.

How do the Online Courses Work?

The courses can be completed at any time convenient to you with bitesize videos, downloadable resources, interactive chat and reflection tasks.

In total each course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. You will receive email support from myself, Steph Reed, as and when required.

There are special offers for schools and services who want to train multiple people, please email your enquires and questions to steph@autismspectrumteacher.com

Who are the Online Courses For?

The online courses are for anyone supporting or interacting with autistic or neurodiverse children and young people.

These courses will help build your knowledge as well as your practical skills.

You may be a parent, carer, teacher, SENCo, Head Teacher, play worker, service provider, charity worker, support assistant or perhaps a family friend.

Any Other Questions?

For any further information about the online courses, please fill out the form below and Steph will get back to you as soon as possible.