Every child is a unique individual, with different abilities and needs.

At times, it can seem difficult to know what is best to do, to help our child.

There is a lot of information about supporting autism out there, which can be confusing and conflicting. 

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach that ‘works’. 

Whether you are a parent, carer, teacher or professional; focused consulting or coaching conversations may offer you a lot of help and support.

I can help you to develop strategies and interventions in a personal, 1:1 approach.


I can work directly with you towards the specific goals and outcomes that you want to achieve. That can be for yourself or for your child!

Whether it is to deepen your understanding of autism, plan personalised strategies to support an individual or class, strategies to reduce self-injurious behaviour or even to make your environment autism-friendly, personalised consultation conversations will be tailored to your needs.

1:1 consultations can take place online (via Zoom or Skype) or over the phone.


This service is suitable for:

  • Teachers
  • Teaching assistants/ Learning support assistants
  • Parents
  • Carers
  • Family members
  • Educational professionals
  • SENCOs
  • School leaders
  • Service providers
  • Social workers
  • Anyone wanting to develop their knowledge or work towards specific outcomes related to autism and communication needs


“In the time that Stephanie has been working with my school, I have been able to see a sustained improvement in the provision offered. This has been the case in the growing knowledge and skills of the staff she has worked alongside, the physical environment provided for pupils with ASD and the outcomes for those pupils. The excellent provision for pupils with SEND, for which Stephanie’s support was a key element, was also verified by my School Improvement Partner. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about her area of specialism, she is adept at communicating her expertise to a wide range of people. Whether supporting staff working one-to-one with ASD pupils, class teachers, senior leaders or parents, Stephanie is able to communicate effectively and efficiently, offering sound advice backed by her own considerable knowledge, experience and current research practices.”
Jess Hutchison
Head Teacher, Grazebrook Primary School, London
"Each session provides a wealth of ideas and support for the teachers and support staff to immediately employ in their practice. As a result, the children with ASD are supported more effectively. Meetings with the SENCo and senior leaders also increase their knowledge of ASD within a wider school context”
Alexandra Webb
SENCo, Grazebrook & Shacklewell Primary Schools, London
I had the privilege to have Steph as my son's teacher for 3 years. The work and dedication she has with children is amazing. She has done amazing progress with my son even though he is nonverbal and had extreme self injurious behaviours. Her understanding on each individuals needs is really spot on and she works very closely with them to get the best out of their abilities. Steph listens and cares, and to parents that's very important as makes you work together for the better !!! I cannot recommend Steph enough, she is just brilliant!
Ana Costa
Steph Reed Autism Spectrum Teacher AST consultancy outreach training

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