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Why your choice of language is so important to an autistic child

Each child with a diagnosis of autism will have varying abilities with language and communication. If you know more than one autistic child, you will know that their communication and language abilities will be very different. It is important to understand the difference between expressive and receptive communication skills, because Read more…

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The impact of successful parent and teacher relationships on autistic children

How successful parent and teacher relationships impact children with autism and how to ensure the relationship is effective, from a parent and teacher perspective. Parent PerspectiveWritten by Harshita Patel, parent and author of ‘Autism in the City’   It’s Good to Talk! The moment a child with special needs comes Read more…

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Emotional regulation: Teaching autistic children to recognise and respond to their emotion

Emotional regulation is a key area of development.  Being able to regulate emotions means being able to effectively identify and respond to an emotional experience. For children with autism, understanding their emotion and knowing how to appropriately respond to help themselves regulate, can be very challenging. This, therefore, needs to be Read more…