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Why the choice of language you use to communicate with an autistic child is so important

Each child with a diagnosis of autism will have varying abilities with language and communication. If you know more than one child with autism, you will know that their communication and language abilities and features will be very different. It is important to understand the difference between expressive and receptive communication skills, because all children with autism will have some degree of challenge/ delay in one or both of these areas: Expressive communication: using language …

Inclusive classroom strategies to establish for the new academic year

Inclusive classroom strategies to establish for the new academic year Implement strong and consistent routines into the day so that the children will know what to expect. Routines help to create order and predictability.   Encourage independence as much as possible. If a child is able to do something themselves (i.e. write the date, get resources and tidy resources away, write a timetable for the morning) ensure they are empowered to do this by staff. Visual resources …

#12 AST updates and neurodiversity autism spectrum teacher podcast

#12 AST updates and neurodiversity

The pandemic has had a challenging impact on us all. I have needed to pivot to ensure the security of the podcast and other projects I run as Autism Spectrum Teacher.
This is the first of a mini-series introducing the new online courses offering you in-depth knowledge and practical skills that you can apply straight away. The first one is ‘Understanding Autism and Learning’.

#11 Ideas to help children through the current COVID-19 crisis autism spectrum teacher podcast

#11 Ideas to help children at home during the COVID-19 crisis

This is a live recording from a Facebook Live I hosted this week. It took place in a group aimed at general support through the Covid-19 Crisis, in the island of Jersey, where I am from. I took this opportunity to talk to parents and carers about potential strategies that could be helpful for families with children with special needs, when spending all day at home. I also answered questions that came up during the …

10 learning through technology steph reed

#10 Learning through technology with Zafer Elcik Co-Founder of Otsimo

Zafer Elcik is the Co Founder of the Otsimo app, which has over 100 educational games created specifically with the needs of autistic learners in mind.  It was great to speak to Zafer as my special guest in this episode of the podcast, and hear about the story of Otsimo! Zafer works alongside educators, speech and language therapists and families to develop educational games aimed at learning different concepts, as well as a free open …