The second episode of the Autism Spectrum Teacher Podcast is a conversation about emotional regulation with Adem Cetindemar, an experienced teacher for children and young people with autism and severe learning difficulties.

We discuss what emotional regulation means, the importance of teaching regulating strategies and the impact this can have on learning and everyday life.


Questions covered in this episode: 

What is emotional regulation?

What are emotional regulating strategies?


We also discuss practical ideas for understanding and supporting emotional regulation development including:

  • Knowing your students
  • Controlling environmental factors
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Consistency
  • Understanding function of behaviour
  • Implementing functional communication supports
  • Teaching a functional regulating strategy to replace a harmful strategy
  • Breaking down an activity into steps
    Language strategies
  • Planning strategies
  • The usefulness of filming a lesson or activity
  • Giving time to yourself as a parent of teacher to reflect
  • Enjoying your children and interacting with them at their level using Intensive Interaction

You can read more about teaching emotional regulation strategies in my blog post Emotional regulation: Teaching autistic children to recognise and respond to their emotion and Emotional regulation & communication table supports for children with autism.

As mentioned in the podcast, I have explained ‘Intensive Interaction’ in more detail in the blog post Intensive Interaction and early communication development.

You can listen to the first episode of the podcast all about inclusive teaching and support strategies here AST 1: Successful Teaching and Support Strategies (that will not just benefit autistic children, but ALL children!).

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Thank you again to Adem Cetindemar, what an interesting and informative conversation!

Steph Reed and Adem Cetindemar AST 2 emotional regulation, behaviour, autism and severe learning difficulties


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