This episode of the podcast is all about supporting children with reading and my special guest is Angela Charalambous, a reading specilaist from the Workshop Reading Centre in Johannesburg.


A child’s reading ability will have a huge impact on all areas of learning. 

Angela discusses different strategies to support a child to enjoy reading and feel more confident!

Classroom strategies to support children who have reading difficulties

Maintain a love of reading

Read with the child in 3 different areas: 

  1. Easy material for the child such as a simple book below age level, in order to boost confidence 
  2. Reading age appropriate material 
  3. Reading at a challenging or above age level, perhaps in the child’s area of interest to ensure their motivation

Parents and carers, continue reading with your child as long as you can, especially themes that are of interest to the child. Spending time reading with parents supports to manifest a love of reading.

Ensuring children’s confidence in their reading is key


Thank you Angela!

Visit the Workshop Reading Centre website to find out more information about the assessments, dyslexia screening, Cellfield intervention and workshops for parents and teachers that Angela mentioned in the podcast episode.